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Having consultants on our campus is invaluable and well worth the cost!
Nicole Biggie, Director of Admission, St. Johnsbury Academy, May 2018

As always, it was a terrific experience!
Scott Eckstein, Director of Admissions\ and Financial Aide, Solebury School, May 2018

Appreciate your service. It saves me so much more time, that I can spend with client families. Keep up the great work.
Dr. Pamela Ellis, Compass Education Strategies, July 2016

I loved that you took care of all of the logistics.
Christin Prestwich, Admissions Director, Discovery Academy and Discovery Connections, August, 2016

Fantastic and insightful. This is a very cost effective and valuable way to get information and exposure with/from the consultants and the time is very appreciated. We have thoroughly enjoyed the tours and look forward to more.
Brian Campbell, Owner, Lighthouse Therapeutic Boarding School, June, 2016

As always, a pleasure to work with Kay! She took care of all of the details that absorb so much time and energy on both the consultant and program side. Plus, she is just friendly and thoughtful and always willing to go the extra mile to make things work!
Kimberly Davis, MA, MS, CEP, Davis Educational Consulting, April, 2016

Many thanks for initiating this process and introducing us to your tours. I appreciate all that you do to help get consultants on our campuses.
Joanne Carruthers, Director of Admissions, Stanstead College (School), January, 2016

"(The consultant) was great to have on campus. She had mentioned coming in year's past, but it took CKC Tours to get her to campus! We are so appreciative of our relationship!"
Garrison Conner, Director of Admission, Christ School, January, 2016

"Communication with CKC Tours is excellent. Kay is remarkable with her turn around time in responding to a question or concern. Kay's ability to understand what schools and programs I need to visit is stellar. By the time the planning stages are through, I know that I will have the ability to expand my knowledge base on a variety of levels thanks to Kay's planning. With CKC Tours' help, my knowledge base will increase helping my practice to grow."
Dana Stahl, Educational Alternatives, LLC, December, 2015

"Wonderful as usual! CKC makes every stage smooth and simple. We had all the documentation when we needed it and everything was clear, concise and well mapped out. CKC makes the whole process seamless and simple and their attention to detail and screening process help put the right consultants in touch with the right programs. Furthermore, the costs associated are very reasonable which is a big plus."
Keir Larock, Dean of Admissions, The Deck House School, October, 2015

"The visit went great! It was so nice to have such a great connection with the consultants! Thank you so much for this experience. OPI would love to be a part of the next southern California tour!"
Mallorie Roberts, Director of Outreach, Optimum Performance Institute, October, 2015

"As always, Thank you Kay!"
Mindy Goodman, New Chapters Consulting, October, 2015

"Once again Kay at CKC Tours made for an outstanding tour experience here at Oxford Academy! Small schools admissions offices are working harder than ever and performing duties well beyond the office of just five years ago - Kay is value add to our office in that regard! The process of a tour, from beginning to end, is efficient, well orchestrated, and very valuable."
David Tuttle, Director of Admissions, The Oxford Academy, September, 2015

"Very easy on our part. Far better than planning ourselves."
Kimberly Davis, Director of Continuing Care and Referral Relations,
Newport Academy and Newport Academy West, September, 2015

"You provide a most valuable service and do it with such style. You think of everything, thank you, thank you and thank you. Love working with you. Please keep up the good work, you are appreciated."
Diane Arnold, Arnold Educational Consultants, LLC, August, 2015

"I had a young client go to Summit Achievement just a few days after my visit there. My tour really helped solidify the parent's choice. Thank YOU for making it happen."
Elaine Morgan, Morgan & Murrah Associates June, 2015

"We have already received one referral from one of the ed cons who visited with us in the spring!"
- Sidney Setzer, Marketing Coordinator, SOAR, Inc. May, 2015

CKC can't be beat! Our amount of time with the Consultants is generous, our costs are not prohibitive and CKC does all of the legwork! It's win-win!
- Sharon Stricker, Head of School, Whetstone Academy, SC, April, 2015

"We had great tours and wonderful receptions from all programs. Just not having to set up the logistics was such a blessing."
- Mindy Goodman, New Chapters Consulting, October, 2014

"Thank you SO MUCH!!! I would never have seen some of these programs had it not been for your help developing this tour and I sincerely appreciate your willingness to tailor it to my needs."
- Kimberly Davis, Kimberly Davis Educational Consulting, October, 2014

"It was sooooo fabulous to have CKC's help with taking care of all of the arrangements. Since I typically end up coordinating the tours w/ everyone in town and taking care of coordinating reimbursements, and reserving hotel...this was a breeze! :) Thank you!!"
- Chesley Strowd, Admissions Director, Academy at Sisters, October, 2014

"What a wonderful service! The Consultants were a great fit for our Program, we had plenty of time with them, the set-up was handled with very little effort on our part, and the cost was beyond reasonable! Bravo! Let's do it again!"
- Sharon Stricker, Head of School, Whetstone Academy, October, 2014

"Over all, it was great. The effort required by us for this visit was minimal and to me that's worth every penny we paid...and then some!! Thanks for making the arrangements, hope to have the opportunity to do it again soon!"
- Kim DeFonce, Associate Director of Admission, Trinity-Pawling School, September, 2014

"Delighted to not set up my own tours!! Everything was superbly planned and executed. Many thanks!"
- Mary Jane Freeman, The Davidson Center, September, 2014

"Thank you so much for the great trip! It was a pleasure working with you! The logistics were great, and your personal care to every detail was just amazing."
- Natalia Glebova, Changing Tide Associates, June, 2014

"Always such a pleasure working with CKC on tours. Kay makes my job so much easier with the wonderfully organized planning."
- Beth Ragland, Director of Admissions, Greenbrier Academy for Girls, May, 2014

"The tour was terrific and the accommodations very comfortable."
- Lynn Hamilton, May, 2014

"It was very helpful have a third party organize the logistics and mediate between the schools. Thank you!"
- Amy Graham, Admissions Director, Midland School, May, 2014

"All around wonderful. I would certainly welcome additional CKC Tours to campus."
- Tyler Hart, Director of Admission, Villanova Preparatory School, May, 2014

"It was great! It's so nice to have you take care of all the details and just have the consultants show up ready to learn!"
- Christian Egan, Admissions Director, Alpine Academy, March, 2014

"Easy, breezy. This tour was the best! Thank you, Kay."
- Gail Curran, Nancy P. Masland and Associates, March, 2014

"Did a great job of keeping the itinerary and planning streamlined. Great value."
- Sean Haggerty, Admisions Director, Daniels Academy, March, 2014

"We had a great visit. Some of the consultants had not been on campus in some time. It was very positive. Great communication. I liked the emails detailing information and changes."
- Laura Burt, Admissions Director, Island View RTC, March, 2014

"Kay, Having worked with you since the very beginning of CKC Tours, I still appreciate your level of professionalism and attention to all details, no matter how small. I have organized many a tour, and I so value working with you because I can just sit back and enjoy."
- Terry Columbus, Little Keswick School, January 2014

"CKC Tours has coordinated wonderful consultant visits to our campus. Because the groups are small, we are able to have meaningful conversations with the consultants; our time with them is of the best quality. CKC is well-organized, efficient, and reliable."
- Larry Jensen, Director of Admission, Christchurch School, Christchurch, VA October, 2013

"I would encourage people to use your tours. You were so agreeable and easy, as well as fun to work with! I thank you."
- Diane Arnold, Lafayette, CO

"It was a great trip and yes I would do it again!"
- Marylou Marcus, Marylou Marcus, LLC, Peterborough, NH

"Very, very helpful!"
- Clare Anderson

"I could not have set up this tour myself! Kay worked very hard to make an efficient and comfortable trip for us."
- Mary Jo Barnett, M.Ed, Pathways Education Planning, Chapel Hill, NC

"Please bless me with more of these tours. CKC tours did all the work and we received all the benefits of a flawless tour. Kay, Thank you so much for your personal attention. It is truly a pleasure doing business with you! I look forward to working with you in the future."
- Mariah Pogue, Falcon Ridge Ranch, Utah

"We really appreciate you putting the tour together. It went fantastic. We'd be glad to do tours with you at any time."
- David Prior LMFT, Executive Director, Sunrise RTC, Hurricane, Utah

"Kay, it is so nice that you take away all the stress and worry of creating and scheduling an itinerary. This is also a great way for new consultants to gain access to programs without breaking the bank. Traveling with seasoned pros is an obvious advantage."
- Betsy Donnelly, Atlanta Educational Consultants, Atlanta, GA.

"Once again you did an outstanding job - we love working with you!!"
- Loretta Olding, Director of Admissions for Elk Creek Academy,
Elk Mountain Academy and Lakeshore Aftercare, Clark Fork, Idaho.

"I really enjoy working with CKC Tours -- you do all the hard work and we get to step in and have all the fun! It is a great value for us. Thank you so much."
- Brian Church Director of Business Development Aspiro Hanna, Utah.

"Tours like this are so valuable to us! It is wonderful to get to know the consultants - to put a face with a name, to be able to explain who we are and what we have to offer - We would never have the time to put something like this together. Thank you for your hard work setting up this tour."
- Linda Ashby, Associate Director of Admissions & Financial Aid,
St. Andrew's-Sewanee School, Sewanee, TN.

"Thanks again for contacting me. I think you have established a great resource for the industry."
- Holly D. Hunter, Director, SafePassage Adolescent Services ®.

"Just what we wanted. You made it so much easier for us and we greatly appreciate it."
- May Peach, The Price Group, Columbia, SC.

"Thank you for keeping The Oliverian School in the loop. Thanks again for all your help and support."
- Mike Doherty, Admissions Coordinator, The Oliverian School, Haverhill, NH.

"This tour was well worth it! Great contacts, comfortable lodging, and easy travel plan. You did a nice job of grouping the programs according to location and time."
- Susan Grossi, Fallbrook, CA.

"Very helpful to us for them to know what our program is about and the students we work with."
- Rick Bulger, Valley View School, North Brookfield, MA.

"Gratitude for everything!"
- Nancy Masland, Nancy P. Masland & Associates, Tucson, AZ.

"You do a beautiful job and it's much appreciated."
- Mona J Treadway, Admissions Director/Owner, Dragonfly Adventures & Dragonfly Transitions, Klamath Falls, OR

"Great visit yesterday! We really enjoyed having (the consultants) on campus... It was valued time for Blue Ridge School and we'll be happy to take part in future tours!"
- Trip Darrin, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, Blue Ridge School

"Everything went GREAT! Thank you so much. Jayne said that (the consultants) seemed to be very pleased and appreciative. They had good conversations and learned a lot about the program. Neither of the consultants has ever referred to us, but they felt very comfortable with us when they left. I think it was positive on both sides."
- Shelley Skaggs, Marketing & PR, Benchmark Young Adult School, Redlands, CA

"CKC Tours made our first tour experience organized, planned, informative to consultants, and most of all....exciting! Thank you very much Kay for assisting us this summer. We are looking forward to the Winter, Spring, and Summer Tours for next year."
- Karen Nickel, Director of Admissions. Waterfall Canyon, Ogden Utah

"It was AWESOME and we all can hardly wait for you to set up our next one!"
- Linda Cain, Associate Member, IECA Boulder, CO