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Reimbursement Guidelines

Travel expense reimbursement assistance is calculated on airfare, rental car and lodging only. Gas expense reimbursement is provided (with receipts) if a consultant uses their own car for transportation. CKC Tours does not provide reimbursement for gas when consultants use a rental car for tour transportation. CKC Tours does not factor any other travel expenses into tour travel expense reimbursement calculations. Reimbursement calculations vary by tour.

CKC Tours cannot be financially responsible for transportation schedule change fees or any expense associated with a change of itinerary before, during or at the conclusion of a tour for any reason. Reimbursement calculations will be impacted if due to a change in schedule for any reason a consultant fails to visit one or more scheduled programs or schools. Should a schedule change occur outside the window of any lodging reservation cancellation-without-penalty guidelines resulting in CKC Tours being charged for the room night, that expense will be deducted from the consultant's reimbursement check.

CKC Tours will not provide reimbursement assistance for business or first class airfare.

CKC Tours cannot provide travel expense assistance to consultants who use reward miles or membership points for any mode of travel or lodging or who lodge with friends, relatives or colleagues free of charge. (No Exceptions).

CKC Tours can only reimburse air (up to any limits set) with an actual e-ticket. Confirmations* or hand written itineraries and prices will not be accepted for reimbursement.

*Many on-line ticket purchases will ask if you want to send a confirmation to a friend. Do not click this box please as these confirmations reveal only the itinerary and not the fare. These confirmations are not acceptable for reimbursement.