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About CKC Tours

    All tours will include 1, 2, 3 or 4 traveling consultants (unless otherwise noted).

    • CKC will custom design tours for member consultants and registered program/school needs upon request.

    • Member consultants are required to provide CKC Consultant Tour Services with a professional bio (please provide at time of registration) if no website is available, to keep on file to share with participating programs and schools for review prior to tour visits.

    How is CKC Consultant Tour Services compensated?

      The one time only fee for consultants is $50 to register as a member. Consultant membership is required to participate in a CKC Tour.

      There is a one time only fee for Programs/Schools of $200 for a logo link. A logo link is required to participate in a CKC Tour.

      Participating tour programs/schools invest a flat fee per consultant for coordination and travel planning, communications, travel packages and more. Program/school approval is always required prior to confirmation of any tour.

      Out of the per program collective tour investment, CKC Consultant Tour Services is compensated for time and services and provides consultantís with travel expense assistance.

      CKC Consultant Tour Services will not attempt to motivate any member consultant to refer a student to any participating program. We are not qualified to make such suggestions or recommendations nor consider it within our personal code of ethics to subscribe to such tactics.